The Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health, Center for Communication Programs (CCP) and the Center for Communication and Change – India (CCC-I) in partnership are pleased to offer the 13th Leadership in Strategic Communication Workshop - South Asia to be held in New Delhi, India in September 2020. The workshop will be facilitated by Ms. Uttara Bharath Kumar. 

Uttara Bharath Kumar is the Director, Capacity Strengthening and an international communication specialist at Johns Hopkins University. She has over 25 years of experience in behavior change communication program design, implementation and training in over 15 countries.


  • Mid and senior level health communication professionals
  • Those working in the area of behavior change for health and social issues
  • Others interested in the art and science of strategic communication

The workshop applies the latest thinking and best practices in planning and leading strategic communication. This ten-day workshop provides an opportunity for participants from India and other regional countries to enhance their understanding, knowledge and skills in Social and Behavior Change (SBC), including SBC concepts like Behavioral Economics and Design Thinking. The highly participatory approach of the workshop is designed to help participants share their experiences, learn from the course directors and one another and open up a world of new thinking and inspiration.

The ultimate vision of the course is to promote more effective, state-of-the-art health and social communication programs that are audience-centered, result-oriented and will improve the quality of communication for health and society globally.


Participants will explore the elements of effective health and social behavior change and advocacy programs to create more competent and healthy literate societies. This includes learning to:

  • Apply key leadership principles in designing strategic health communication programs
  • Follow the P-Process to build health communication programs systematically including research, design, implementing, monitoring and evaluation
  • Understand concepts of Behavioral Economics and Design Thinking
  • Use strategic multi-media approach for messages that address individuals and also social norms
  • Educate with entertainment to reach a broader audience
  • Learn to use advocacy, interpersonal skills and community mobilization
  • Emphasize client-centered approaches that promote informed choice
  • Develop a complete communication program, interactive learning exercises and team work

The workshop will be held in Delhi in September 2020.  More details about the workshop will follow soon.

For more information, contact Ms. Sanjeeta Agnihotri at info@ccci.org.in with cc to sagnihotri@ccci.org.in